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    Magic Rosin™

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    Developed by a Juilliard trained professional cellist, Magic Rosin™ is a premium rosin for violin, viola, cello and bass. 

    Magic Rosin is made from only purified pine resins with no other ingredients. 

    Endorsed and used by top soloists, professionals, teachers, and students, Magic Rosin provides a great deal of stiction and grip while maintaining a clear complex tone. 

    Hand crafted in Minnesota, Magic Rosin™ comes in 2 formulas: Magic Rosin ™ 3G and Ultra.  Ultra provides even more grip and "pop" than the 3G.  Both formulas are used by all instrumentalists, though bassists and cellists tend to gravitate toward the Ultra.

    3G and Ultra formulas are Customizable with logos and photos.

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