Rosin Sharing

In the month of August, for every rosin purchased on the Magic Rosin® website, we will donate a rosin to a string program in need of supplies*.  In addition, we are seeking suggestions for programs that might benefit the most by a donation of this kind**.   If we sell 1000 rosins on the website in August, we will donate 1000 rosins***.

Magic Rosin® is committed to helping share the joys of string playing through the donation of rosin to as many of the wonderful programs as possible. We have donated rosin to Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, El Sistema, and many small programs around the world.  Please let us know about a string program you think might benefit by a donation of Magic Rosin®!



* programs chosen at our discretion
** we will try to donate to as many programs as possible, but may not be able to donate to all who request
*** we will donate rosin 1 for 1 for every retail purchase made on the Magic Rosin® website in the month of August.