"This is truly excellent rosin.  I tried it and have not used anything else since! The generous support of Magic Rosin brought so much excitement to the relaunch of People flocked to  the dazzling rosins!"  Kurt Sassmannshaus, director Starling Chamber Orchestra and


"Magic Rosin is amazing at making a real orchestral pianissimo with a pure sound and immediate but dolce feels good and satin like."  Nicholas Trygstad, principal cello Halle Chamber Orchestra


Dear Sarah,

I have been using the "ultra" rosin with great results. I find it is really delivering for me in my concerts and recordings. It has an extremely fast response, a wonderful ease of articulation PP to FFF, a smooth legato, a big lush tone, and a clean finish to all bow strokes. It is superior to the Andrea Rosin that I have used for the past five years. Congratulations on a superb rosin!

Dr. Maurice Sklar

This rosin was a game-changer Lisa Berman, violinist Simply Violin

Grippy without being gummy. Its usable art Tina Guo, cellist, Los Angeles (Micheal Jackson/Cirque du Soleil tour)

Great! Adam Han-Gorski, violinist

"Using Magic Rosin for the first time I noticed remarkable tenacity and clarity to the feel and sound respectively." William Scott, violinist and luthier.

Parthenia loves Magic Rosin! Parthenia, a consort of viols

"Marvelous stuff! It outplays fine French rosins" William Bartruff, luthier
William Bartruff & Co., Inc.

It is seriously the best rosin I have ever used. I put a little on, and the bow responds so well, I think Ms West is truly a magician with this rosin! Alastair Brown, violin/violist, luthier

"Magic Rosin is rosin with a grip. Unlike "sticky" rosins, Magic Rosin improves bow response, without sacrificing tone. I've had equal success with professional and teaching instruments. An excellent rosin at an unbeatable price!"
-Paul Wolfram, cellist, New York, NY

Nov. 28, 2011

Name: Eduard Freixa Cruz
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Review: Sincerely, the rosin seems to be perfect. It gives me powerful and warm sound, and I feel the contact between the strings and the bow. And very few dust! Really nice.
Rating: 5

Nov. 28, 2011

Name: Mike Collins
Location: Traverse City, MI
Review: Once you scratch up the surface so that you can apply the rosin, you can't see the underlying design any more, so that really doesn't matter. But the rosin does seem to perform as promised. Less dust, better sticktuitiveness, good even grip to the bow hair and strings. I plan to keep using it!
Rating: 4

Nov. 21, 2011
Name: Bviol
Location: Bennington
Review: Its too bad you have to use it on the bow. Its really pretty. I like the rosin. It made my violin louder. The little case is nice, tho the clicking is like bubble wrap, addictive.
Rating: 5

Nov. 19, 2011

Name: Sandra
Location: Denver, CO
Review: I'd say this is really good rosin and the colors are beautiful. The clic clac container is neat, also. My first impressions are all good on this one.
Rating: 5

Nov. 16, 2011

Name: T. Morey
Location: Albany, New York
Review: Quick shipping. I used it for 2 days and it seems good like the old Magic Rosin, only it's really cool looking! Will buy some more for presents. Thanks!

Rating: 5

MikeyBoy (4/5/11): 

Ordered mine a couple weeks back, showed up as promised within a couple days. I got both #1 and #2, haven't tried #2 yet. So far, #1 is living up to the hype. Smooth and grabby at the same time. I used Hill Dark before and won't go back. The hill seems a lot grainier and chalkier in comparison. Take this for what it's worth, but there was a (almost imperceptible) delay between when I would start bowing and when a note would sound with the hill, with the #1 I don't have that perception. Very responsive.

Given the current offer - delivered to your door for under $4 a cake - I strongly suggest giving Magic Rosin a try, there is really no reason not to. Even if it cost as much or more as other rosins, I would buy it.

Libby M.

Best rosin ever.

"I just got Magic Rosin in the mail, and it is the best rosin I have ever used. I wasn't expecting much from a rosin that I got for free, but wow, it plays well!! I had been using expensive French rosins, but Magic Rosin outperforms them by a long shot. My cello has a rich G-string with any rosin, but using your rosin enhances the tone so much that it completely blew me away. I have better grip but without the possibility of crunching loud notes. Thank you! I'm recommending Magic Rosin to everyone in my orchestra."

"Parthenia loves Magic Rosin!"

Lawrence Lipnik, Parthenia, a consort of viols

"Marvelous stuff! It outplays fine French rosins"

William Bartruff, luthier
William Bartruff & Co., Inc.

"The $6.00 cake of Magic Rosin outperformed all the rosins I have tried in recent memory...this rosin was a game changer"

Lisa Berman, violinist
Simply Violin
Simply Violin review of Magic Rosin

"I really like this rosin. Not sure what you put into it, but it is addictive. I don't get impressed very often by rosin and have tried many. I have used 15 students as test subjects and I haven't found a bad trial yet. That is rare."

Megan Popwoski, cellist/cello teacher