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Magic Rosin™ is a premium rosin for violin, viola, cello and bass.  Invented and developed by professional cellilst and teacher, Sarah West. Magic Rosin™ has enjoyed almost immediate popularity with top soloists, professionals, teachers, and students for its excellent stiction/resistance and allowance for a clear, complex tone.  It is formulated from only pine resins with no other ingredients making its appearance almost clear, thus presenting a whole new generation of visually appealing rosin.  

Magic Rosin™ comes in over 50 designs, including sparkles, holograms, original art, and is customizable with photos and logos. No colors or sparkles are in the actual rosin, just on the paper below. Instrumentalists appreciate the fact that there are no mysterious ingredients in Magic Rosin™. This means they are not subjecting their instruments and bows to dust of an unknown source, and also that they are not breathing in extra additives in the rosin dust, such as dyes or even metal filings found in other rosins.

The Magic Rosin™ company was founded in 2010 by Sarah West in Minneapolis.  Sarah hand-poured all Magic Rosin™ in her kitchen until spring of 2012.  She now makes Magic Rosin™ in a small workshop in NE Minneapolis.  The rosin is guaranteed very fresh--likely poured the same week it an order comes in.

We've been having a great time meeting all kinds of string players with Magic Rosin™; talking about music, equipment, life....we'd love to hear from you!