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    • Faith Rohde says...

      My favorite teacher is my cello teacher. He’s so inspiring and a huge reason why I have become a more successful player. I am so lucky to have him as my teacher. He’s taught me more then anyone has. He’s taught me how to look at music as not just notes but a beautiful story. I am proud to be his student.

      On August 23, 2013

    • Rainne says...

      I had a Spanish teacher, seniora Mara was her name, and every once in a while I would bring my instruments to school. When I did that, between classes and after school she would play her ukulele with me. She was probably my favorite teacher.

      On August 23, 2013

    • Jan Marlo Santos says...

      My favorite teacher was my Middle school orchestra teacher, Mrs. Simmons. I just started playing the violin when i started middle school but she taught me a lot of things. She’s one of the reason why i love the violin :P

      On August 22, 2013

    • kelly webb says...

      I had the best orcgestra teacher in fourth to 7th grade. She was awesome! Everyone loved her. She helped me become an amazing violinist.

      On August 21, 2013

    • Santiago Avalos says...

      this rosin is amazing! i’d love to get one of these! my most memorable teacher is my current teacher, Mr. Earl Ronnie Cato.hes helped me a lot with my stuff. even if he doesn’t actually play a string instrument he still taught me a lot. he is a great teacher.

      On August 21, 2013

    • N C says...

      Mr. Scales, my 8th grade orchestra teacher was amazing!

      On August 21, 2013

    • Michael Nelson says...

      My most inspirational teachers were my Orchestra and Band Directors. I had the pleasure of playing Viola in the Orchestra and Euphonium in the band. Mrs. Hove my orchestra director was my first teacher to really inspire me and to give me the confidence I needed to succeed. She was tough and never let me get away with anything but my best. Mr. Kidd my band director in high school taught me the joy of music and what a passionate teacher looks like. These two people are the reason I became an orchestra director.

      On August 20, 2013

    • Sharon B. says...

      This rosin looks amazing. I really like that it has cool design and that the rosin is made of only the finest ingredients.

      My favorite teacher is Miss Jenny. She is so accomplished and kind.

      On August 20, 2013

    • Mike S. says...

      We played Mahler 2 last year. I’m not religious, but the finale was indescribably religious and brought on a sense of loss. I guess it’s called the Resurrection symphony for a reason.

      On August 18, 2013

    • Ryan says...

      I remember conducting ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for my final concert in High School. That was a very emotional experience.

      On August 18, 2013

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