• New Packaging...finally!

    It's been a long year in the Magic Rosin™ packaging saga, with many unexpected bumps in the path (...don't get me started!). Finally we have settled on packaging for Magic Rosin™ Large and Medium sizes! 

    I want to thank all the loyal Magic Rosin™ customers for the support and feedback about the rosin and the packaging.  I hope you'll like the new twist top plastic container for both the large and the medium sizes.  

    Both rosin cake sizes are 1.5 inches in diameter.  The large is 6/10 of an inch tall, and the medium is 3/10 of an inch tall. 

    As with all rosin, it's best to care for it as you would your instrument, away from extreme temperature changes and to avoid dropping it!  Both sizes will last a very long time with regular use (years, for some diligent non-rosin-droppers!)

    We have also been listening to our customers and gravitating to only carrying the Magic Rosin™ Ultra formula.  It seems that most string players, including violinists and violists prefer the grippier action of the Ultra formula.  Soon we'll have a preference survey available and will appreciate any feedback you'd like to share.

    Thank you everyone!  



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