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    • Sidney says...

      My orchestra teacher showed us these in class a few weeks ago. Trying to talk my parents in getting me one!

      On March 09, 2014

    • Jess says...


      What a huge hit at the bluegrass festival! We all look forward to seeing you again with lots more rosin.
      I have never fallen in love with a rosin until I came across yours. Then I had to share it with everyone I knew and made sure they has tried it or bought some.
      We all think it’s the best, it’s the cutest, it’s local.
      You are the best! Come back in June with more glow in the dark it will sell! I will also post on Facebook because I like this product so much!



      On March 08, 2014

    • Raúl says...

      I have given three rosins to some members of my family with their portrait. Only one of them plays the violin. This one was happy with the gift but the others (they don´t play any instrument) were astonished with their shiny portraits and have ask me where I bought it. They consider it like a some kind of reliquary. It is an excellent present for non musicians!!! I´m not kidding.

      On February 27, 2014

    • Ally says...

      I’m going skating tomorrow!

      On February 22, 2014

    • Claire says...

      I received two cakes of magic rosin for Christmas and it is now my new favorite rosin.

      On February 22, 2014

    • Maddie G says...

      I need a new rosin, and Magic Rosin’s are so fun and eye-catching!!!

      On February 22, 2014

    • Rebekah Tiberend says...

      I would love to win a magic rosin! My friend broke my last rosin and I need a new one!

      On February 22, 2014

    • Naomi says...

      My students and I LOVE magic rosin! We’re taking our favorites to Solo & Ensemble this morning in Anchorage, Alaska. :)

      On February 22, 2014

    • InHae Y says...


      On February 22, 2014

    • maddiewang says...

      im gonna play tennis with my sucky poop rosin, hopefully i can get one of these awesome rosins to replace my poop one

      On February 22, 2014

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